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History of Old St. Vincent's Catholic Church


Historical Timeline

Fr. John Timon, a Vincention priest was first assigned to serve in Cape Girardeau and Perry counties in 1825. Since then the church has been built, rebuilt, and renovated in response to natural disasters, community needs, and the vision of various pastors and administrators.

Old St. Vincent's

About Old St. Vincent Church

In 1825 Rev. John Timon, a newly ordained Vincentian priest, was assigned to work in Perry and Cape Girardeau counties. He travelled on horse-back ministering to Catholics in this area.  Father Timon presented to the bishop the need of a church in Cape Girardeau.

In a warehouse belonging to Don Louis Lorimier, the Spanish Commandant, Father Timon celebrated Mass in 1833. This warehouse, near Lorimier's home, the Red House, became the first temporary church.


OSV Church Organ

Members agreed that the restoration would not be complete until the 1926 Kilgen organ was replaced with an organ that was fitting for the beauty and elegance of the 1853 English Gothic church.


Catholicism in Cape Girardeau

The people of Old St. Vincent's are pleased to announce the publication of a new coffee-table style book titled Old St. Vincent Church: A Pictorial and Historical Sketch of Catholicism in Cape Girardeau.