Liturgical Ministry


This is an opportunity for those who love to sing to lead the congregation in singing during Sunday Mass. Generally, Cantors must be members of the Old St. Vincent congregation. However, guest Cantors are sometimes permitted by special invitation. Interested? Contact Ellen Seyer at (573) 334-6407


An opportunity to serve Old St. Vincent’s Church by counting the cash money from the collection given during Sunday Mass. Two people are needed to count, verify, and record the amount of cash given and to separate & band the collection envelopes received. This task is completed after Sunday Mass and takes approximately fifteen minutes.


​It is an honor and a privilege to assist the Celebrant at Holy Mass with the distribution of Holy Communion by giving out the Sacred Body and the Precious Blood of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. ​​​​Eucharistic Ministers are members of Old St. Vincent Church and are appointed by our pastor.


An opportunity for individuals & families to take up the bread, wine and collection during the Offertory of Sunday Mass.


The greeters have the opportunity to welcome people as they enter the church for Mass. One greeter stands beside each holy water font and tries to make everyone feel welcome by saying “Hello”, “Good Morning”, or other appropriate greetings. One of the greeters is also assigned the task of counting everyone that enters the church by using a hand-held mechanical counter so that Father has a good idea of how many will be receiving Holy Communion.


These members of Old St. Vincent Church have the opportunity to read aloud the two readings, lead the congregation in reciting the Prayer for Vocations, and inform the congregation of any announcements at the end of Sunday Mass.


This is an opportunity to play the organ at Sunday and funeral Masses.


An opportunity to lead the congregation in praying the rosary before Mass during the months of May and October. There is also a need for additional people willing to come pray before Sunday Mass.


This pre-Mass responsibility involves preparing the bread, wine, water, chalice, purificators, etc. for Mass. After Mass the sacristan needs to check if the Eucharistic Ministers that distributed the Precious Blood had purified, washed, and dried the sacred vessels used at Mass and stored them away.


Opportunity to decorate the main altar and the two side altars — deals primarily with obtaining and placing flowers. During the Advent, Christmas and Easter seasons extensive decorations are used throughout the church as well.


Serving presents opportunities to both boys and girls in elementary school, high school, and adults to assist the Celebrant with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

If you know of someone who is a member of Old St. Vincent’s or St. Mary Cathedral interested in serving at Mass, have them contact Father Allan @ (573) 334-9347.


Individuals interested in ushering at Mass provide a valuable service to the Celebrant and to the congregation. In addition to taking up the collection at the beginning of the Offertory, they also offer assistance in finding seating arrangements for people, assisting the infirmed, and generally, being on call to assist whenever and wherever services are needed.

If interested, contact the Church Office @ (573) 334-9347